We have over 5000km behind us. So far mainly straight roads through Ukraine, Russia and Kyzylkum desert with very different quality of tarmac and several kilometers on gravel roads.

I am happy the tank is working well so far. No leakage. Even over 1000 km in really hot Kyzylkum desert it didnt melt. Only the heatshield sticker on the side behind rear-shock fender flipped off.

I dont fill it every time, only when the petrol stations are far away. What is the case in Uzbekistan. I didnt try the maximum limit, but I did over 440 km.

And I was forced to find new use-case for this tank. My fuel pump stopped working in the desert. So I bay-passed it from the rear-tank directly to the carburateur and because of higher gas-table level it has worked for about 40 km, till the gas-table got lower.

From Podél Kaspiku, posted by Radek Frank on 8/13/2013 (11 items)

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