THE CHANGE, that is the summary what we expected after flat Russia, Kazach and Uzbek. We were looking forward the mountains, green scennery, gravel and corners :-)

Tadjikistan is good combination of different quality of tarmac and many gravel roads in the  mountains. The way to Pamir over the passes and following the Panj river along the Afgani borders is really nice.

Brown and a bit red stoney mountains with only few notice of life. Total scilent, only you, your bike and managable gravel roads. If you meet some, than really nice people mostly speaking russian – good for me – the slovan language tribe – so quite easy to understand. Poor people from our point of view dont mind to invite you for a tee without any expectations.

“více na”

From Tadžikistan – Pamír, posted by Radek Frank on 8/27/2013 (17 items)

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