KTM 790/890 front rally tanks features and benefits

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Better handling with Rally tanks

Two R/G rally style narrow tanks are replacing the 12cm (5 inch) wider original KTM tank. Also the KTM 790/890 R/G rally tanks are 3kg (6.6 lbs) lighter (fuel empty) and the fuel is moved lower. All this results in significantly better handling of your bike because the center of gravity was pushed further down. You will fit into and turn better in tight spaces. Avoid getting stuck in gnarly terrain!

The fuel capacity is 17 liters (4.5 gal) in both sides together. The tanks are filled independently, but they are connected with fuel line at the bottom. This makes the tanks work exactly the same way as the original, which has 2 compartments as well.

Practical top storage and adapter for Scotts

The R/G rally tanks for KTM 790/890 come with practical storage box on top of the tanks. We even integrated an USB port in there. With the volume of 2 liters (0.5 gal) it is convenient for storing smaller items like wallet, phone, compact camera, or anything else you need to have close by. It is made from carbon fiber and is splash proof. 

The mounting adapter for the Scotts damper is also part of the R/G KMT 790/980 rally tanks kit.

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Integrated crash protection

We included newly designed integrated radiator and tank guard. It is made from strong aluminum blocks and bars, combined with aluminium CNC front panel featuring beautiful design finish. 

At the bottom of the tanks thick carbon covers are installed, providing extra protection without additional weight.  The carbon covers and the entire rally tank kit can be mounted with any skid plate designed to work the original KTM plastic tank covers covers. There are many options to choose from but please note, it is not compatible with the Outback Motortek, AXP skid plate or other types that require removal of the bottom tank protectors.

Fit into the KTM 790/890 RG Rally kit

The R/G rally front tanks for KTM 790/890 adventure are sold as stand alone kit and can be installed independently from other R/G parts. But can we recommend combining them with R/G fairing kit to radically change your KTM 790/890 into rally design bike? We took extra time and care to make sure the design lines, transitions and functionality are perfect in any configuration.

The independent R/G fairing kit provide other very useful benefits  like more space for navigation, better wind protection and stronger, road legal lights.

Or you can add R/G KTM 790/890 rear auxiliary tanks and increase your fuel volume by another 5 litres (1.3 gal). We even offer combination of fuel and water storage for those ultimate adventurers.

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How do the KTM 790/890 rally tanks work?

What is included in the KTM 790/890 rally tanks kit?

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  1. Left and right rally tank, the same material as the original
  2. Carbon covers to protect bottom of the tanks
  3. Integrated crash protection for the radiator
  4. Carbon box with USB port for convenient stuff
  5. Side panels matching R/G fairing kit or original cockpit
  6. Graphics decal, fuel caps and all mounting hardware

NOTE: The R/G carbon tower, headlights and windshield are NOT included in the KTM 790&890 rally tanks kit. It can be purchased independently.

How to install the KTM 790/890 rally tanks?

The install takes about 3 – 4 hours. We designed the fairing kit (and all of our parts) so it can be installed by a single person – “one pair of hands” easily.  Please follow the detailed video install guide.

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