Husqvarna 701 light reflection manual upgrade features and benefits

RADEGARAGE 701 fairing

Shader eliminate the lights reflection

The shader is a new addition to our Husqvarna 701 fairing kit. It eliminates the light reflection from the windshield. It is designed to keep the clean rally look of the front mask.

Modify your self and save

If you have time and like to do some finishing, we have saver option for you. Because the windscreen is the same, only the cut around the headlights is a bit larger to fit the shader. You can order just the shader and the template how to enlarge the hole. And you do the modification to your windscreen yourself.

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How does Husqvarna 701 light reflection manual upgrade works?

What is included in the Husqvarna 701 light reflection manual upgrade?

RadeGarage_701 front kit upgrade_67
  • Shader
  • 2x headlight plexi cover
  • Yellow frame sticker
  • Bolts


Husqvarna light reflection manual upgrade installation

The install takes about one hour and you must have basic experience with multitool. You enlarge the hole in your windscreen based on the template from us and you mount the shader and plexi cover. Note the yellow frame sticker goes on the shader. See the video.

Husqvarna light reflection manual upgrade gallery

How to order shader for manual upgrade?

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