KTM 690 rack set features and benefits


The 690 luggage rack base

The small base rack respects the size and shape of the bike. This allows filling the gas tank without removal and with ease. Due of variety of holes you can put on any small tail bag with first aid, spare tubes, basic tools or whatever you need. The dural rack is light, but reinforced with the bent and welding, making it very sturdy.

The 690 extension plate

In the rack set is also included the extension plate. It can be quickly mounted with four bolts to the base rack and so you can fit even bigger roll bag for your weekend trips.


How does KTM 690 rack works?

What is included in the KTM 690 rack set?

  • Base rack with bents and welding reinforcement
  • Extension rack
  • Spacers
  • Bolts
  • Rack set fits only on model years 2019 and newer


How to install the KTM 690 rack set

Simply swap the hand grips with the base rack and you are done in 15 minutes or less. Adding or removing the extension plate takes just a few minutes. If your bike did not come with hand grips installed, follow the simple steps in the installation video guide.

KTM 690 rack set gallery

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