KTM 790 alu skid plate features and benefits

KTM 790 skid plate RADEGARAGE

Heavy duty engine protection

The original KTM 790 Adventure skid plate is from thin and perforated aluminium and this really  limits how well the engine is protected.

We decided to offer price attractive alternative to our carbon/kevlar skid plate, yet providing sturdy and better protection than the OEM plate. Using experiences from the RADE/GARAGE KTM 690/Husqvarna 701 skid plates, we designed heavy duty aluminum skid plate for the KTM 790 Adventure.

Two options how to mount it

The skid plate is made from 4mm thick aluminum and it is reinforced in the area behind the front wheel. The reinforcement increases the protection of your KTM 790 engine.

You have two options how to mount the skid plate:

a/ Same as the OEM skid plate. That makes it compatible with a center stand

b/ If you don’t use a center stand, you can mount it using the U-shape holder under the foot peg holders

KTM 790 motoschutz RADEGARAGE

How does the KTM 790 alu plate work?

What is included?

KTM 790 skid plate RADEGARAGE
  • The aluminium skid plate
  • U-holder
  • Mounting hardware


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How to install the KTM 790 alu skid plate?

The installation takes less than one hour. You remove the oem skid plate.  Re-mount the tank covers to the carbon skid plate. Also bolt on the U-holder. Than remove the spacers under the pegs holder. Finally mount the carbon skid plate – in front to the same holes and in the back under the pegs.

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