KTM EXC MY24 Rally kit features and benefits


Rally style designed fairing

The rally tower for KTM EXC isn’t just a redesign of the older version. We’ve taken the best features from our current towers and packaged them in a completely new design. Similar to our other towers, there are enhancements in wind protection, along with ample space for roadbooks, navigation, and other devices. Additionally, improved visibility in the dark is ensured with LED lights, making this tower a must-have for off-road enthusiasts seeking top performance and functionality.

This Rally kit fits: KTM EXC MY 2024 (350/450/500) and Husqvarna FE MY 2024 (350/450/501)

Full carbon tower reducing the weight

The rally tower is crafted, as always, from durable eight-layer carbon fiber reinforced with metal reinforcements. This construction makes the tower extremely lightweight yet robust. We have full confidence in our product, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the carbon tower. Equipped with powerful LED lights homologated for road use, delivering 70W of output, you can ride confidently even at night.


Space for navigation

One of the many advantages of the rally tower is the ample space it provides for various electronic devices. Whether you’re exploring remote areas with a navigation tablet or racing through rally stages with a roadbook, you’ll have plenty of room. The tower comes with a 12mm bar mounted via silent blocks and an adapter, allowing you to attach almost anything securely. We’ve also added some smart solutions, like the first aid kit holder and the detachable side panel for a better access to the wiring. Additionally, the tower brackets include provisions for attaching a Scotts steering damper, which can be ordered through our website.

Rally tested product

We don’t sell products that we haven’t thoroughly tested ourselves. During the development of the new rally tower, we leveraged our accumulated experience and integrated many smart solutions. To verify the tower’s durability, we subjected it to several challenging rally stages, ensuring that it won’t let you down even in the toughest conditions.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends beyond testing. We continuously gather feedback from riders and enthusiasts to refine and improve our products, ensuring that each rally tower we offer meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.


How does the KTM EXC MY24 Rally kit work?

What is included in the KTM EXC MY24 Rally kit?

KTM 790 RG kit
  • Windshield and side panels with the light cover
  • Carbon tower with a lifetime guarantee
  • LED lights with angel eyes (ECE certified for road use)
  • GPS bar, the bar adapter and complete mounting hardware
  • Adapter for the Scotts damper
  • First aid kit bracket

How to install the KTM EXC MY24 Rally kit

The install takes about 3 – 4 hours. We designed the rally kit (and all of our parts) so it can be installed by a single person – “one pair of hands” easily.  Please follow the detailed video install guide.

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