MD/MigTec racing add on features and benefits

KTM EXC MigTec roadbook

Race add on for free-to-ride roadbook

If you want to use a full roadbook rally navigation with R/G KTM EXC rally kit, we have the Racing add on. It includes an aluminum bracket module that is added on the top of the carbon tower and has space for MD or MigTec roadbook, tripmasters, SpeedoCap and GPS receivers. This is the same setup we provided for the Dakar Rally. Durable, light and highly dependable.

Ready for different trip and race devices

You can mount different combinations of ICO or RNS tripmasters and SpeedoCap. You can use 2 (trip) +1 (Speedo) or 1+2 or 1+1 combinations set on the top bracket. And the bracket has flexibility to be set in your preferred angle for easier quick glance what’s coming up, all without taking eyes from where you need to go.

KTM tripmaster speedocap switch

Plug and play

True to our design mantra – everything most not only work exceptionally well but look amazing, the bracket comes with points to fasten the cables with re-usable zip-ties. To make the mounting of the various equipment and instruments as much plug and play as possible, the set includes the power cable extension with 4+1 spare slots. Also the double trip and roadbook switch holder is included.

How does the MD/MigTec race add on work?

What is included in the MD/MigTec race add on?

roadbook speedocap tripmaster support plate
  1. Aluminium roadbook and trip support plate
  2. Tripmaster and roadbook switch holder
  3. Power cable extension for up to 4 devices
  4. Velcros


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How to install the MD/MigTec racing add on?

The install takes about 1 hour. To make the installation easier, we recommend to mark all cables from tripmasters and roadbook before you line them via the carbon tower. Please follow the install tips in the video.

MD/MigTec racing add on

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