Africa overland 2009

  • From Czech Republic via Middle east and Africa east coast to Cape Town
  • 24 000 Kilometers (aprox. 4 000 km offroad) & 4 months :)
  • Recommended:  Warm people in Syria, Incredible landscape and off-roads in Ethiopia, Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, beaches in Mozambique and Braai in South Africa…

South America 2011

  • From Peru over the Ands to Bolivia plateau, the north of Patagonia and via the pampas to Buenos Aires
  • 12 000 Kilometers (aprox. 2 000 km offroad) and two months
  • Bike: KTM 950 Adventure with my very first carbon-kevlar windscreen and 2in1 pipe
  • Recommended:  Amasing Ands in Peru, Salar and off-roads in Bolivia, small roads in Patagonia and of course steaks and wine in Argentina…

Central Asia 2013

  • From my home town in Moravia via Ukraine and Russia to Caspian see and than following the Silk Way to Pamirs and Kyrgysztan
  • 9000 Kilometers and two months
  • Bike: KTM 950 Adventure with the RR screen prototype and under-seat tank
  • Recommended: Nice atmosphere in ancient Khiva, Scilent Pamirs and nice green areas arround KaraKul in Kyrgysztan

Few videos from my trips