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Our philosophy


As there are many adventure trips behind us, we know functionality is crucial. The auxiliary tanks give more fuel range, windscreens give more protection and stronger lights, footpegs more control and comfort, etc. And all that is wrapped in durability and as simple mounting as possible.

Smart Way

We aim there are always some smart ideas behind our parts giving them extra added value. The auxiliary tanks hidden in the bike… skid plates with space for tools… windscreens with space for navigation stuff… protection parts not disturbing the design of the bike, etc.


The look of our parts is very important to us. We are able to spend many hours moving one line here and there not just to do nice parts and keep slender lines. Design is good only when it works well. Frankly, even though the adventure bikes destiny is dirt, we still want them to have nice.

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The Guys from Czech Republic


I am an adventure enthusiast. A crazy guy able to ride over continents and explore new places, see the culture, meet the people and shape my opinion about the world. On the other hand, I used to be a corporate dude designing services in a marketing department and later running online sales and care channel.

The combination of my adventure rides and passion for motorbikes, along with my professional background, resulted in RADE/GARAGE. Now we are keen to design cool parts for your and our adventure rides.


Still preferring a race track over off-road and enjoying a party life as much as he can. He is an industrial designer with a sense for practical construction and attention to detail. Design sketches, 3D models and mold construction come from his hands. If somebody crashed our testbikes and prototypes, you can be sure, it was Lukas on his testride.


Richard has a remarkable work history in the travel industry that allowed him to experience many different countries and cultures. He travelled for business around the world, including places many only dream about such as Myanmar, Cambodia, or Botswana. He also loves motorcycles, thus naturally combing his passions into adventure moto travels across Europe and beyond. These experiences have shaped him into a person who is always ready to give a helping hand or piece of advice, regardless the timezone you live or passing any judgments.
Richard is your main contact for RADE/GARAGE, whatever and whenever you need anything.


Journalist. After 12 years riding on/off-road bikes and writing stories about other people´s successes, he decided to write his own story. At R/G he is responsible for production, events and for playing with words and pixels. And off-course riding – he works also as off-road coach and his passion is to ride his trial bike. But it doesn´t mean that he cannot be also fast on track.


When you get your R/G package, you open it full excitement and then you realize, one bolt is missing. Yes, it was Standa. The poor guy has to prepare and pack all your staff and ship it. In addition he goes after work for a ride to test all parts for you. He loves his job and you will love him, when you get it all in time.

How we deal with...

Our Customers

We are happy to have customers from every continent all over the world. We enjoy email communication with you about our parts and your needs. We are ready to listen to your feedback and further improve our parts and service in every detail.


The ideas and the parts development is up to us. The small batch production is up to local (Czech) companies experienced in given areas. For example, the tanks are manufactured by a company which also makes tanks for Caterpillar and the foot pegs are CNC milled by a company which supplies to Airbus, etc.

Our Distribution

We prefer to have direct contact with you. You can buy your parts only via our webpage. We usually have our parts in stock and we ship all over the world. We ship mainly via post but, if needed, we can also ship via FedEx courier and you get your parts within a few days wherever you are :-)


OSVČ Radek Frank se účastní projektů organizovaných Evropskou unií.

Projekt inovace světlometů pro motocykly byl spolufinancován Evropskou Unií. Cílem projektu je zajištění technologického vybavení pro zahájení výroby a uvedení na trh nového typu LED světlometu pro motocykly kombinující potkávací, dálkové i parkovací světlo.