RADE/GARAGE lifetime guarantee


We, at RADE/GARAGE have been working with carbon fiber towers for a while. Originally we used them in our custom build for Paris Dakar racers and over time we introduced them in our KTM EXC and Husky FE kits. Based on the feedback we created one for the KTM 790 and now they are coming as a mainstream product to the KTM 690, GASGAS 700 and Husqvarna 701 rally kits.


We are confident that our designs and craftsmanship quality can withstand the stress you put them through. But we also want you to have confidence and eliminate any worry you may have about using different materials and technology. Therefore, we are introducing a lifetime guarantee for our carbon fiber based towers. Instead of pages and pages of legal jargon, we have few basic conditions:


    • We will replace your carbon tower for as long as you own it (does not apply to the windshield, side spoilers, lights, accessories etc.)
    • You agree to ship us the broken tower back (we want to look at what failed, why, etc. so we can keep improving)
    • In case of a major crash, we will ask for pictures of the rest of the bike – we will still replace your tower
    • You pay for the shipping from us to you
    • Lifetime guarantee available for the original buyers only – does not cover take-offs, second hands, etc.


We want to keep the decisions simple for you. Carbon fiber is the lightest and one of the strongest materials available. You should be able to take advantage of it without having to worry about its longevity and crash-worthiness. The RADE/GARAGE lifetime guarantee does just that. It is that simple.


R/G team