DMD-T865 tablet features and benefits

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Big screen and modern aesthetic

Introducing the DMD T865, a cutting-edge tablet navigation system running on the Android OS. Encased in a sleek duralumin housing, it underline a modern aesthetic.  The included holder may not be the optimal choice for frequent off-road riding. The convenience of charging via pogo pins makes it well-suited for road use. Sporting an eight-inch display with 800 NITS of brightness, the screen remains visible even under sunlight. With 256GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot, the DMD T865 has ample space for maps and data.


DMD2 app with premium license included

The android OS allows for the download of multiple map applications tailored to your travel needs. Notably, the tablet comes with the DMD2 app (including a free premium license) and seamlessly integrating all essential features for motorcycle navigation. The integrated maps are designed for both road and off-road use. The user-friendly dashboard offers the ride information, and a customizable home page  provides personalized access to favorite applications. Composing evening emails from your tent to share experiences with friends is easy.

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Do you want to upgrade your adventures with the DMD T865 tablet to another level? Especially for you is here the DMD Remote controller. The body of the controller is made of durable aluminum. The controller itself is suitable for both Roadbook and Map/GPX use. It contains two buttons, one 4-way joystick and one 2-way switch and is compatible with most navigation apps like DMD2, OSMAnd, LOCUS, Google Maps, Waze, GURU Maps, GAIA, Kurviger etc. The controller can be connected to the tablet by Bluetooth or wires and is sold separately.

DMD-T865 tablet specification

Display: 8inch, LCD 1280x800pix

Display brightness: 800 NITs

OS: Android 12

Memory: 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory + SD card

Dimensions: 20,7 x 13,7 x 1,5 cm (w/o holder)

Battery: 9650 mAh ...big enough :-)

Charging: Pogo pins + M8 connector on the back

Water/dust resistance: IP67

How does the DMD-T865 tablet work?

What is included with the DMD-T865 tablet?

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  1. T865 tablet
  2. Lockable holder with integrated charger
  3. Cable with fuse for easy connection to the battery
  4. Exclusively from R/G adapter to mount with 12mm cross bar
  5. First level support directly from R/G


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How to do the initial set up

Video from Joao with explanation how to use the DMD2 application plus several very useful tips.

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