SHARON exhaust for Husqvarna 701 features and benefits

Husqvarna 701 Sharon exhaust

Value for money racing exhaust

We have long and great experience with Czech local SHARON exhausts. They are well and fully hand made with care and attention to attractive design and long durability thanks to stainless materials.  This are some of the reasons we believe it is great value for money in highly competitive but also over priced exhausts aftermarket.

Weight and heat reduction

Two practical benefits of SHARON exhaust:

a/ it reduces the weight by on 1Kg far from the center of gravity

b/ it reduces significantly the heat so you mitigate the risk of burning your roll bag or anything else you cary behind your seat

701 Sharon R:G
RADEGARAGE 701 Sharon exhaust

Racing design and nice sound

Simple but sharp design with blue carbon cap match the 701 style. Also great diagonal placing on the bike underlines the 701 racing look and character.

DB killer included but NOT certified

The DB killer is included so the “noise” is more acceptable than any other aftermarket exhausts, but it is not certified for road use in European Union.

It includes the spark arrestor so you can ride it in California, Australia where you pay high attention to the fire prevention.

Husqvarna 701 racing exhaust sharon

How does SHARON exhaust for Husqvarna 701 works?

What is included with the SHARON exhaust for Husqvarna 701?

Husqvarna 701 racing exhaust sharon
  • The SHARON exhaust
  • DB killer and spark arrestor
  • Exhaust sleeve and mounting bolts
  • Black carbon cap

How to install SHARON exhaust for the Husqvarna 701

Remove the left rear side plastic cover. Remove the OEM exhaust and mount the SHARON exhaust. We recommend first to bolt on the pipe, than bolt on the big exhaust sleeve to the OEM holder on the tank. And as the last tight the sleeve on the exhaust.

SHARON exhaust gallery

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