790/890 Adjustable shift lever and brake pedal

KTM 790 adjustable brake pedal RG

Brake pedal with stepped toe tip

The feature of the stepped tip provides better control when standing up as well as comfortable foot placement when sitting down. Adjustable stepped (raised) brake pedal tip can be easily moved forward or backward for proper control and ergonomics. CNC milled brake pedal from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy 6082 is more durable than the OEM that many riders bent or break during first lay down.

Adjustable shift lever in 10 seconds

Our unique design for adjusting the height position of the shift lever allows you to change the height in a few seconds and without any tool. The feature of eccentric bolt brings the option of easy lever setting for sitting or standing rider’s positions or simply when using different riding boots.
Same as the brake pedal the shift lever is also CNC milled from aluminum alloy 6082. This material provides durability, lightness, and flexibility.

KTM 790 adjustable gear pedal RADEGARAGE

Precise and simple fit

The milled pedal and lever have the same threaded holes as the OEM parts. The sealed bearings are applied and pressed during manufacturing. R/G makes installation super-easy for you. The bolts and springs from your KTM bike will be reused in the same location and function.

How do the KTM 790/890 adjustable levers work?

What is included?

KTM 790 adjustable pedals RG
  • 1 Set of adjustable shift lever & brake pedal
  • The sealed bearings are applied and pressed during manufacturing
  • Fits on KTM 790/890 Adventure,  KTM 790/890 Adventure R,  KTM 790/890 Adventure R Rally

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How to install the adjustable levers on your KTM 790/890 Adventure

See the installation video here:

KTM 790/890 Adventure Adjustable levers gallery

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