Bar adapter features and benefits

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Mount your devices easily

The bar adapter is a platform to directly mount your Garmin navigation or RAM mount, as the holes in the top plate are directly compatible. The dimensions of the holes are according to the AMPS Standard (30 x 38mm). You can choose from two positions. Horizontal one and vertical one to get your device in the best view point.

In the package is included a set of silent blocks, which can be used to reduce the vibrations going into your device.

Precise CNC finishing

The top handlebar clamps are CNC billeted from high-end aluminum, as is the top plate. All components come in a black anodization finish.

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How does the bar adapter work?

What is included in the bar adapter kit?

  • CNC milled handlebar upper clamps
  • CNC milled top plate
  • Silent blocks
  • Bolts



How to install bar adapter

The install is very simple and takes less then half and hour.

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