Carpe Iter tablet features and benefits

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No. 1 choice for off-road riding

Carpe Iter Android-powered navigation tablet excels in durability, housed within a heavy-duty aluminum case ensuring resilience even in challenging conditions. Included is a robust aluminum mount featuring silent blocks to minimize vibrations. The reliable eight-pin screw-in power connector underscores its suitability for even the hardest off-road adventures. The seven-inch display, boasting 1000 NITS of brightness, guarantees excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. With an internal storage capacity of 128GB and a microSD card slot, this device provides ample space for your navigation needs.

Almost endless maps choices

Thanks to Android OS you can download and use multiple map applications based on your journey. Google Maps and Waze provide real-time traffic updates and rich points of interest (POI). For off-road enthusiasts, topographic maps like Locus Maps, Osmand, and others offer excellent coverage of remote areas. Embrace the spirit of rally raid with roadbook navigation, channeling your inner Marc Coma. And when the day’s adventures conclude, share your experiences with friends through emails composed right from your tent.

For an enhanced user experience, we recommend complementing your Carpe Iter tablet with remote controllers to maximise the navigation’s potential.

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CI tablet specification

Display: 7inch, LCD 1280x720pix

Display brightness: 1000 NITS

OS: Android 11

Memory: 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory

Dimensions: 20 x 13,5 x 2 cm (w/o holder)

Battery: 9650 mAh ...big enough :-)

Charging: M8 pin military connector

Water/dust resistance: IP67

How does the Carpe Iter tablet work?

What is included with the Carpe Iter tablet?

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  1. Carpe Iter tablet
  2. Plug & play charger with fuse and switch to your battery
  3. Holder on silent blocks reducing vibrations
  4. Adapter to mount with 12mm cross bar
  5. Locus Maps premium license


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How to do the initial set up

The initial turn on and pairng with the CI controllers is very intuitive. If you have some questions, please follow the video tutorial.

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