Carpe Iter Terrain controller features & benefits


CI Terrain remote controller for Android

The Carpe Iter Terrain remote controller provides effortless Bluetooth connectivity to any Android device. Paired with the intuitive CI Controller app, users can navigate and control mapping applications with ease. The Terrain model has two pairs of injection molded body shells from glass-filled nylon and heavy duty buttons for rough conditions. It is suited for roadbook, maps and tracks remote control.

Effortless navigation on the go

From the handlebars, users can seamlessly command mapping applications with functions such as zooming in/out, map movement, and centering—all while cruising. Supported applications include popular choices like Google Maps, Locus Maps, Waze, OsmAnd, Gaia GPS, Kurviger, Calimoto, Guru Maps, TomTom Go Ride etc., and roadbook aplications like Piste roadbook reader, Rally terrapiata, DMD2.

Remote navigation from the handlebars not only enhances safety and efficiency but also ensures a more enjoyable riding experience


How does the Carpe Iter Terrain controller work?

What is included?

  • CI Terrain remote controller
  • External blue-tooth module


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How to install the Carpe Iter Terrain controller

The installation takes about half an hour and is quite simple. After the hardware installation you have to download the Carpe Iter Controller application into your android device and pair the controller with the app.

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