Garmin Tread Overland tablet features and benefits

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Latest innovation from Garmin

The tablet navigation powered by the Android OS. Boasting an impressive eight-inch display with excellent visibility even in bright sunlight thanks to its 1000 NITS backlighting. The meticulously crafted, dust and water-resistant casing not only adds a touch of elegance but also secures seamlessly onto a robust magnetic mount which also facilitates charging on the go. With 64GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot, you’ll have ample space for maps and data. Additionally, the integrated satellite communicator, branded as InReach, keeps you connected and safe in remote locations.

No. 1 choice for scenery & adventure riding

Garmin Tread offers maps with optimal contrast and legible font sizes, ensuring readability on the go.  With customizable profiles ranging from road and adventure to off-road, complemented by the road planner feature, guaranteeing diverse and exciting rides. The flexibility extends further with the option to sideload Android apps (excluding Google services).

For an enhanced user experience, we recommend complementing your Garmin Tread with remote controllers to maximize the navigation’s potential.

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Garmin Tread Overland tablet specification

Display: 8inch, LCD 1280x800pix

Display brightness: 1000 NITS

OS: Android 10

Memory: 8GB RAM, 64GB internal memory + microSD card slot

Dimensions: 20,7 x 16,9 x 3,1 cm (w/o holder)

Battery: 1 hour with full brightness

Charging: Solid magnetic pogo-pins connector

Water/dust resistance: IPX7/IP6X

How does the Garmin Tread Overland tablet work?

What is included with the Garmin Tread Overland tablet?

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  1. Garmin Tread Overland
  2. Plug & play charger with fuse and switch to your battery
  3. Holder on silent blocks reducing vibrations
  4. Adapter to mount with 12mm cross bar
  5. First level support directly from R/G


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How to do the initial set up

The initial turn on and pairing Tread App is very intuitive. If you have some questions, please follow the video tutorial.

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