KTM 690 & Husqvarna 701 brake hose guide features and benefits

Brake hose1

Brake hose guide

Based on your feedback, that after installation of the Rade/Garage 701 or 690 fairing kit the front brake hose is not “tidy” and kind in a way, we have developed the new hose guide. The guide is bolted to the upper triple clamps and holds the brake hose(s) out of the way while still providing flexibility required for steering. This is another of our continuous improvement to our fairing kits in order to make you happy, safe and together stand out of the rest.

Now included in the 701 & 690 & 790 fairing kit

It is our philosophy to always improve our products. We strive to make changes available as “an upgrade”, protecting your investments. This is one of those cases. Those that purchased the fairings in the past can order it on this page.  Going forward, the brake hose guide is now included in our KTM 690 & Husqvarna 701 fairing kits.

Husqvarna 701 F4 rally kit RADEGARAGE
Brake hose guide KTM and Husqvarna

Brake hose guide simple install

The install is straightforward simply attached the guide to the upper triple clam with the 2 screws. On KTM 690 you will use “spacers” on the Husqvarna 701 they are not required due to different design of the upper triple clamp. For more details please watch the video below

How does the hose guide work?

What is included in the hose guide set?

Brake hose1
  • Brake hose guide
  • Bolts
  • Nuts that are used as spacers for the KTM 690


Brake hose guide gallery

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