KTM 690 K3 upgrade kit only

KTM 690 2008 2018 new fairing RADE GARAGE

K3 upgrade kit for owners of a previous 690 kit

For owners of our previous 690 Fairing kit, we have prepared and option to face lift to our new KTM 690 K3 kit design. The core of the fairing kit, the tower and headlights are the same.

You simply upgrade only the windshield,  side panels and holders. This is enough to get new fresh look of your KTM 690.

New materials and new technologies

You get the new designed injected windshield with integrated shader and shaped headlights cover to reduce the glare. There is also integrated spoiler to increase the stiffness and to keep very clean look.

The new transparent side panels from lexan (polycarbonate) are more flexible and thus more crash proof.

And last but not least the new K3 fairing has more sharp rally design.

KTM 690 fairing RADE GARAGE

How does the KTM 690 K3 kit work?

What is included in the KTM 690 K3 upgrade kit?

KTM 690 2008 2018 new fairing RADE GARAGE
  • Injected windscreen with integrated shader and headlights cover
  • The side fairings with graphics decal
  • New windshield and tower holders
  • Mounting hardware

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How to install KTM 690 K3 upgrade kit

The install takes about 1 – 2 hours. We designed the fairing kit (and all of our parts) so it can be installed by a single person – “one pair of hands” easily.  Please follow the detailed video install guide.

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