R/G skidplate Evo2 with toolbox features and benefits

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Engine and pedals protection

The redesigned 3mm aluminium skidplate protects not only the front and the bottom part of the engine but also the water pump and both, brake lever and shift lever! The perfect handcrafted welding adds very high stiffness to the KTM 690, GASGAS 700 and Husqvarna 701 skidplate. The new skid plate Evo2 weights only 2,6Kg. Updated version brings the water proof feature, easier opening system when four split pins were substituted by two bolts, which can be easily open by fingers.

Spacious tool box

It is always handful to have some available space for stuff which you do not need literally every day, like tools or spare parts, but to ride without them would be a risk. In R/G skid plate tool box you can fit 3 sets of KTM OEM tool bag, so it is really spacious! It is wide enough to fit the tyre levers or ratchet. Updated version of Skid Plate Evo2, brings enlarged volume from 2.7 to 4.6 litres.

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Brake cylinder protection included!

Together with the R/G skidplate Evo2 you will get also protection plate for the rear brake cylinder, which is an uncovered part that is unfortunately exposed from the factory. Our designs protects not only the engine but the brake cylinder on the KTM 690, GASGAS 700 or Husqvarna 701 as well. In the rear part of the skid plate Evo2 there are four pre-drilled holes, ready to your addition of any rubber or metallic protector of rear shock absorber

How does R/G skidplate Evo2 work?

What is included in the R/G skidplate Evo2?

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  • Aluminium skid plate
  • Rear brake cylinder protection
  • Mounting hardware


How to install R/G skidplate Evo2

  • It takes about 30 minutes
  • Remove the OEM skid plate
  • Remove the OEM rear holders and mount them on R/G skid plate
  • Insert the back of the skid plate into the OEM rubber scilencers
  • Screw the skid plate in front with supplied M6 bolts

Skidplate Evo2 with toolbox gallery

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Technical specifications and features:

Weight: 2620 grams

Width: 38 cm (in the widest point)

Clearance: 29 cm

Volume: 4,6 litres

Material: welded, 3mm aluminum plates

NOTE: if your motorbike is equipped with crash bars (Outback, SW Motech, Powerparts, etc), please let us know in the note field, we will send you a longer bracket.

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