KTM 790/890 rear auxiliary tanks features and benefits

KTM 790 auxiliary tanks

Extra fuel storage

With the R/G rear auxiliary tanks for the KTM 790/890 you can add extra (combined) 5 liters (1.3 gal) of fuel and increase your riding range. The tanks are equal size and connected to the fuel line of the main tank if you are using the original KTM configuration or to each side tank if you are using the R/G front rally tanks.  They are drained by gravity. 

The tanks are exactly the same size and shape as the original plastic panels. That makes them compatible with any exhaust silencer, luggage racks and other accessories using the same attachment points as the PowerParts racks. 

Alternative water storage

Water is life. Sometimes it’s scarce so we make it convenient to carry – without heavy backpack on your back. Tanks configured for water use are outfitted with a tap to make it easy to disperse just enough to wash your hands, clean cooking pots etc. 

Only the left tank can be designated for water use and  it is mounted with quick fasteners known from bicycles. You can remove it in seconds, and easily fill it up with from various sources, inside a building, stream, etc. and mount it back.

Please select the desired configuration when placing the order – either fuel/fuel or water/fuel.

KTM 790 rear tanks
RG tanks 890

Fit into the KTM 790/890 RG Rally kit

The R/G rear auxiliary tanks for KTM 790/890 Adventure can be installed independently from other R/G parts. They have been designed to work with your OEM or the more narrow rally style R/G front tanks and improve handling of your bike due to lower center of gravity. You can also complemented it with R/G fairing kit to radically change the look and design of your KTM 790/890 and turn it into a lean and mean looking rally bike.  And of course take advantage of the very useful benefits  like more space for navigation, better wind protection and stronger, road legal lights.

How do the KTM 790/890 auxiliary tanks work?

What is included in the KTM 790/890 auxiliary tanks kit?

KTM 790 890 rear tanks RADEGARAGE
  1. Left and right rally tank, the same material as the original
  2. Graphics decal
  3. Fuel caps
  4. Tubes
  5. All mounting hardware

How to install the KTM 790/890 auxiliary tanks?

The install takes about 3 – 4 hours. We designed the fairing kit (and all of our parts) so it can be installed by a single person – “one pair of hands” easily.  Please follow the detailed video install guide.

Coming soon… 

KTM 790/890 auxiliary tanks gallery

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