KTM 790 carbon skid plate features and benefits

KTM 790 carbon skid plate RADEGARAGE

Rally replica like engine protection

The original KTM 790 Adventure skid plate is from thin and perforated aluminium this really  limits how well the engine is protected.

We decided to design carbon/kevlar skid plat, similar to what you may have seen on the factory Rally replica for increased engine protection of your KTM 790 Adventure.

Combination of stiffness and flex

The skid plate is made from eight pre-preg layers of carbon & kevlar. This makes the skid plate 3,5 mm thick and very durable.

It is produced in autoclave under high pressure and high temperature. This approach provides the skid plate with balanced combination of stiffness and flex for long lasting engine protection on your KTM 790.


How does the KTM 790 skid plate work?

What is included?

KTM 790 carbon bashplate
  • The carbon/kevlar skid plate
  • Mounting hardware


On Demand (369 €)

How to install the KTM 790 carbon skid plate?

The installation takes less than one hour. You remove the oem skid plate.  Re-mount the tank covers to the carbon skid plate. Also bolt on the U-holder. Than remove the spacers under the pegs holder. Finally mount the carbon skid plate – in front to the same holes and in the back under the pegs.

KTM 790 carbon skid plate gallery

How to order the KTM 790 carbon skid plate?

  • Send us your request to richard@radegarage.com
  • We’ll guide you with the ordering and payment steps
  • We ship all over the world with tracking number

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