SHARON exhaust for KTM 790 Adventure features and benefits

KTM 790 R rally exhaust

Rally design and nice sound

We like the rally so we have kicked out the catalysator canyster and we designed straight pipe in rally style with the nice stainless Sharon exhaust finished with the carbon cap.

With Sharon exhaust kit you save 3kg on the weight and it gives to your bike true rally look.

Value for money racing exhaust

We have long and great experience with Czech local SHARON exhausts. They are well and fully hand made with care and attention to attractive design and long durability thanks to stainless materials.  This are some of the reasons we believe the SHARON exhaust for KTM 790 Adventure is great value for money in highly competitive but also over priced exhausts aftermarket.

KTM 790 Exhaust
KTM 790 Exhaust and rally pipe

DB killer included but NOT certified

The DB killer is included so the “noise” is more acceptable than any other aftermarket exhausts, but it is not certified for road use in European Union.

It includes the spark arrestor so you can ride it in California, Australia where you pay high attention to the fire prevention.

How does SHARON exhaust for KTM 790 Adv works?

What is included with the SHARON exhaust for KTM 790 Adv?

KTM 790 Exhaust and rally pipe
  • The SHARON exhaust
  • The rally pipe and heat cover
  • DB killer and spark arrestor
  • The stainless holder
  • Exhaust sleeve and mounting bolts


329€ ORDER

How to install SHARON exhaust for the KTM 790 Adv?

The installation takes max two hours. You remove the orginal exhaust first. Than you have to remove the original catalysator canyster. It holds on 3-4 bolts. One is hard to access, so it is better to remove the right pegs platform and remove it. Than you put the supplied pipe and than the Sharon exhaust. We strongly recommend following order: 1/ put the exhaust on the pipe 2/ put the triangle holder on the subframe 3/ carefully insert the exhaust sleeve and center it with the triangle holder 4/ take solid wire hook and secure the exhaust with the supplied springs 5/put the heat cover on the pipe

SHARON exhaust for KTM 790 gallery

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