KTM 890 MY23 fairing kit features and benefits


Rally style designed fairing

The KTM 890 Adventure is a great bike out of the box. Long-travel suspension, ready to race engine, rider-friendly controls and so on. But it’s missing the design heritage from Dakar winning motorcycles.

To give the KTM 890 Adventure a more aggressive look, we designed our new R/G rally style fairing kit based on our experiences and work with the actual Dakar racing KTM EXC rally bike.

This fairing kit fits the following model years: KTM 890 Adventure (2023-24), KTM 890 Adventure R (2023-24).

Full carbon tower reducing the weight

The core of the KTM 890 Adventure fairing kit is a carbon fiber tower. It consists of a combination of 3-9 layers of carbon and kevlar, providing the tower with high stiffness while reducing the weight of the kit. The carbon tower is only 430g! And in total, you save almost 1 kg compared with the OEM parts.

But it is not only about the weight. The kit was designed for practical daily use and to carry strong, EU road-legal LED headlights, a USB outlet, and a variety of navigation equipment.


Space for navigation

The KTM 890 Adventure fairing kit comes with a 12mm-diameter GPS bar mounted on silent blocks in order to reduce micro-vibrations and extend the life of your electronic devices.

There is also enough space to fit your smartphone, Garmin GPS, 8-inch tablet or a Roadbook. All devices are right in your optimal viewpoint, and for the first time, we added a smart rack for your first aid kit or any other equipment.

Reinforcement included

The original cockpit attachments are a weak point of the KTM 890 Adventure. When the cockpit gets overloaded, it tends to crack in off-road use.

The R/G KTM 890 Adventure fairing kit includes reinforcements to avoid such situations. Our reinforcements not only eliminate the need to buy another aftermarket parts, but they are the only ones on the market that do not hide the VIN code. This makes crossing borders or road inspections easy as a breeze.

KTM 790 neck reinforcement RADE:GARAGE

How does the KTM 890 MY23 fairing kit work?

What is included in the KTM 890 MY23 fairing kit?

KTM 790 RG kit
  1. Windshield and side panels with the light cover decal
  2. Carbon tower with GPS bar and USB outlet
  3. Road legal LED headlights
  4. HLU Failure error message eliminator
  5. Mounting hardware
  6. Reinforcements for the tower attachments


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How to install the KTM 890 MY23 fairing kit

The install takes about 3 – 4 hours. We designed the fairing kit (and all of our parts) so it can be installed by a single person – “one pair of hands” easily.  Please follow the detailed video install guide.

KTM 890 MY23 fairing kit gallery

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