KTM EVO6 screen features and benefits

Better wind protection

With EVO6 our customers claim much better wind protection and less buffetting, compare to the OEM screen.

More space for navigation gear

Because of the more steep shape, it is easier to put GPS in a good viewpoint

Rally design

The EVO6 windscreen design was inspired by famous Meoni’s KTM Rally Replica

KTM EVO6 screen introduction

What is included in the KTM EVO6 screen?


In this case it is very simple… you will get “just” the carbon EVO6 windscreen as it uses the original mounting points and screws … but cool things are simple :-)

149€ Order

Really easy to install

  • It takes less than 5 minutes
  • You loose and remove 6 bolts
  • Replace the original screen with our EVO6
  • You put the bolts back (finger tight only first all bolts and than final tight)

KTM EVO6 screen customers' gallery

How to order the KTM EVO6 screen

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  • We ship usually within two working days
  • We ship all over the world with tracking number

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