LC4 Short brake and clutch levers benefits


Better feel and ergonomics

The short levers for the KTM 690, GAS GAS 700 and Husqvarna 701 were designed to be used with one or two fingers. The rounded profile of the levers provides excellent tactile feedback for your fingers. The design of the ending provides a strong grip on the brake lever, and the carefully shaped round endings prevents squeezing of the remaining fingers on the handlebar.

The short levers fit KTM 690 (MY2019-23), GAS GAS 700 (MY2022) and Husqvarna 701 (MY2016-23) with Magura clutch pump.

Precise finish

The short brake and clutch levers are CNC-milled from high-end aluminum alloy using our precision CNC machines. We meticulously attend to every detail to achieve a visually pleasing design, ensuring durability even in dusty and muddy conditions. The natural anodization process helps maintain their appearance for an extended period of time.


How does the LC4 Short brake and clutch levers work?

What is included?

  • Short CNC milled clutch lever
  • Short CNC milled brake lever


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How to install the LC4 Short brake and clutch levers

The installation takes about half an hour and is quite simple. Basically you remove the OEM and mount the same way short brake & clutch levers.

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