KTM RC8C carbon fairings description

RC8C carbon fairing

The aftermarket carbon kit not only for track days

We own the amazing RC8C and we use it for the track days riding. But nobody wants to destroy the original fairing:-/ Therefore we did the carbon moulds and we can produce the spare carbon fairings.

The set is painted with high gloss transparent coat. It can be used directly as it is or further painted.

The fairing set is pre-drilled and with quick release pins where cannot be used the OEM pins.

The holes for the winglets are prepared, but the holes for the windshield are done only on demand, because of small risk the holes won’t be 100% precise.

Produced with the same technology as MotoGP

The carbon fairings are produced from carbon prepreg material in autoclave under high pressure and temperature. Actually the same way as the fairings for MotoGP. It means they are lite.

In the end in comparison with OEM RC8C fiberglass fairings you save almost 1kg!

RC8C carbon mask

How does the RC8C fairing kit work?

What is included in the RC8C carbon fairing kit?

RC8C carbon set
  • carbon fairing set made from prepreg
  • mask with holes for the winglets
  • belly pan
  • tank/airbox cover
  • tail
  • 1/4 quick release pins (where cannot be used the OEM ones)
  • NOTE: the front fender and the winglets are NOT included


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