Airbox upgrade cage set features and benefits


Airbox upgrade cage set

Are you using the previous version of our airbox kit and looking to upgrade to the version compatible with the new centrally attached foam filter? Our Airbox upgrade cage set is designed just for you. We’ve enhanced the entire filter cage to ensure seamless fitting onto the airbox.

Before you place the order watch the video below to see, if your version of the airbox is upgradeable. If you have the oldest type of the airbox, you will need new Small R/G Airbox kit.

Spare foam filters and GP Dust covers

Remember, that with this upgraded airbox cage, only our newest foam filters are compatible. They aren’t included in the cage upgrade set, and you can order them separately here. We also recommend ordering the GP Dust Cover for even better air filtration.


What is included in the Airbox upgrade cage set

  • Plastics inner cage for the foam filter
  • Support bracket
  • Plastics locking screw



Is your airbox compatible with the upgrade set?

How to order the Airbox upgrade cage set

  • Clicking the order button
  • Fill in your delivery address and production year of your bike
  • You can choose credit card or PayPal payment
  • We ship usually within three working days
  • We ship all over the world with tracking number

How to install the Airbox upgrade cage set

The installation takes about 15 minutes and is quite simple. Basically, you have to take out your current cage set and replace it with the upgraded one.

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